SECTOR at Public Safety Communication Europe

SEctor coordinators

On 27-28 May 2015 the Public Safety Communication Europe (PSCE) organized its biannual Conference in Graz, Austria. The overall purpose of the conference was to anticipate needs, determine latest trends and understand developments related to the future of public safety communications.

SECTOR project was represented by the Project Coordinator, Michela Corvino from e-GEOS, who had a presentation on the project organization and overall strategy, during the Conference section dedicated to the European approach for a pan-European information space.

The Project Coordinator presented the main project goals, of realizing a flexible and interoperable Collaborative Information Systems for accessing integrated and up to date information, supporting CCM Processing and helping different first responder’s organizations and police authorities to share information and resources, while respecting the autonomy of the organizations, operational procedures and legal requirements.

The presentation summarised the status of the project activities, including preliminary lessons learnt from the collection of information on past events and End Users consultations, and furthermore about the project horizontal activities, including the synergies with other FP7 Security initiatives, namely DESTRIERO Project that was shortly presented as well, projects involved within the Cross fertilization activities.

Furthermore, a dedicated round table with the representatives from the other projects addressing the same topic of Sector (SEC-2013.5.1) was organized in order to present the different project approaches but also to discuss the synergies to be implemented within the joint tasks forces organized among the projects.

The conference was an interesting opportunity for presenting the SECTOR project activities to the community of PSCE Members, that includes institutional stakeholders involved in the management, specification, design and operation of public safety communications systems and information management systems, industrial service providers, academic institutions and specialized small & medium size enterprises.

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