The 1st SECTOR Technical Meeting in Naples, 17-18 May 2016

The 1st Technical Meeting of the SECTOR project was held on May 17th-18th in Naples, Italy. The event was held in CINI’s headquarters at Complesso Universitario Monte S. Angelo. The two-day event featured a number of productive discussions on the further work and goals to be achieved throughout the rest of the project lifetime with emphasis put on the development of the SECTOR Common Information Space.


On the first day of the meeting, project partners put forward a plan of activities for the upcoming months. A preliminary HMI (Human Machine Interface) was presented, which will be used by the administrators of the SECTOR system. Furthermore, the discussion focused on such issues as the choice of data format and data architecture. The second day of the event featured a discussion on the security issues of the platform. Apart from that, project partners debated a project scenario for the system. The meeting concluded with each partner receiving appropriate system components to be implemented.

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