Sahana Eden Crisis Management System

New advancements in IT technologies make it possible to apply state-of-the-art tools in a range of areas. The hereby article is to explore the capabilities of the Sahana Eden Open Source Disaster Management System (EDEN) application, which will be integrated within the SECTOR platform. Built for crisis management, this software provides a solution for managing organizations, people, projects, inventory and assets. Moreover, the overall situational awareness is provided by an integrated map system. In the figure below, a sample view from EDEN is presented. Reported incident are shown as red markers (simulated data comes from the available template).

A Sample view from EDEN

A Sample view from EDEN

According to [1], the EDEN system is fully configurable and customizable. It can be designed to focus on resource and assets management, collecting incidents history and/or monitoring threats. For example, the application can show areas threatened by flood in case of sea level rise by 2 meters (presented in the figure below).

A sample view from EDEN presenting a potential sea level rise by 2 meters

A sample view from EDEN presenting a potential sea level rise by 2 meters

The EDEN platform was deployed in many countries for different scenarios. The following successful deployments can be shortlisted [2]:

  • The first EDEN deployment for 2010 Haiti earthquake
  • Deployments in Nepal (Red Cross Resource Management System, National Emergency Operation Center, Deployment for 2015 Earthquake)
  • EVASS Shelter and Evacueers Management, Italy

Within the SECTOR project, EDEN application will be integrated by using special adapter program, which is currently being developed. Such an integration will enable communication between EDEN and SECTOR Common Information Space (CIS) in order to improve overall situational awareness during a disaster occurrence. For example, EDEN databases comprising information about missing persons and available resources will be shared with other IT crisis management systems. As a result, better resource management and more efficient actions during disaster situations will be possible.






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