Joint Meeting on Common Information Space – Brussels, 28.02.2017

An important event during the SECTOR dissemination campaign was the Joint Event on Common European Space – Cluster of European Projects for Enhanced Interoperability. The meeting was held on 28th February 2017 in Brussels and it featured four FP7 projects such as EPISECC, ReDIRNET, SecInCoRe, and SECTOR. The event was held in order to address the aspects of interoperability, interconnectivity and intercommunication of European systems for crisis and disaster management. All of the four aforementioned projects, were to demonstrate the concept of Common Information Space, its possible realisations and collect feedback from organisations at European level.

Elena Francioni giving a presentation on Pan European Inventory

Elena Francioni giving a presentation on Pan European Inventory.

The event has been a major milestone in the SECTOR dissemination campaign since it was the last event prior to final demonstration of the Common Information Space. The joint event was especially valuable thanks to the diversified audience at the meeting, which comprised representatives of numerous European agencies, first responders and domain experts. The meeting started with a presentation on shared vision of Common Information Space and explanation of why it is needed at all. Furthermore, the audience was shown a SECTOR presentation explaining the unique approach to information sharing and interoperability among first responders applied by project partners. What is more, all of the guests had an opportunity to see a video presenting the functions and tools incorporated in the SECTOR platform.

Presenting SECTOR CIS functionalities during interactive session.

Presenting SECTOR CIS functionalities during interactive session.

The overall outcome of the meeting was very promising with regard to potential SECTOR exploitation. SECTOR representatives received numerous positive reviews of the system. What is more, there was a number of enquiries related to the applied tools and IT services. For instance, the audience was interested in the possibility of extension and modification of IT services and tools. Moreover, participants asked several questions with regard to the data security in the SECTOR platform.

All materials presented during the event might be downloaded by clicking here

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