SECTOR Work Packages

The project is splited into 8 work packages (WP):

WP 1: Project Management – is about managing project as a whole, from both – administrative and technical points of view, coordinating work among partners and monitoring that all project activities proceed as scheduled.

WP 2: Pan-European inventory of past crisis events, collaboration processes, data sets and IT support – which main objective is to create a Pan-European inventory and analyses of past critical crisis events, their consequences and the involvement of crisis management organisations, focusing on the information exchange between the organisations.

WP 3: Scenario definition and user requirements for the pan-European Common Information Space – The objective of this WP is to specify user needs as a basis for the CIS concept. The WP will define use scenarios, user requirements, and acceptance criteria, also based on information gathered in the previous work package. In the development of this WP end users and other stakeholders will be strongly involved.

WP 4: Common Information Space concept definition and design – The WP starts with the definition of the data and service taxonomies, enabling information interoperability between different Information Systems from CCM partners, which will be an inherent component of the Common Information Space concept. The WP will then provide the design of the concept architecture and its composing modules (European CCM Meta-Model, network communication systems, security and data protection).

WP 5: Common Information Space building –aim at developing the SECTOR solution on the basis of the results achieved in WP2, WP3 and WP4. Flexible Common Information Space provides users with “peer-to-peer” type functionalities to dynamically set-up cross-agency collaborative platforms and information spaces, for information and resource sharing across agencies and across borders, as required in a specific crisis situation.

sector CIS concept


WP 6: Common Information Space concept demonstration and validation is about establish the validation plan and related test cases, and aim at demonstrating the potential of the CIS at supporting effective crisis management and coordination among different agencies. The validation plan is intended to guarantee the completeness of the CIS implementation in terms of the requirements identified during the analysis of the reference scenarios.

WP 7: Ethical and societal impact assessment aims at providing a comprehensive analysis of the ethical and human rights aspects arising from SECTOR field of research (i.e. transnational crisis management).

WP 8: Standardisation, exploitation and dissemination includes strategic activities addressed to communication, business planning and networking:

  • Dissemination of the project results within the SECTOR partnership and toward stakeholder groups by workshops, congresses and international meetings;
  • Defining the SECTOR Exploitation Plan describing rules, roadmap and agreements among SECTOR partners for the exploitation of results.
  • Investigation of legal aspects related to the introduction of SECTOR.

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