Project goals

The main goals which are wanted to be achieved by SECTOR Project  are mainly focused on fields like information exchange, cooperation, coordination and learning through past experiences.

The SECTOR CIS-concept is hence aimed at supporting the Collaborative Crisis Management Processes, helping different first responder organisations (incl. Fire brigades, ambulance, civil protection agencies etc.) and police authorities, within and across borders to share information and resources, while respecting both the autonomy of these agencies, local predefined procedures and the local legal requirements (e.g. related to privacy of victims information).

As such the SECTOR concept does not have the ambition to superimpose a novel hierarchical system over existing local, national or international systems, but develop a flexible Common Information Space concept that provides users with “peer-to-peer” type functionalities to dynamically set-up cross-agency collaborative platforms and information spaces, for information and resource sharing across agencies and across borders, as required in a specific crisis situation. SECTOR should provide the functionalities to be set-up on the fly for an ad-hoc crisis management need, or as a permanent Common Information Space, depending on the needs, with the capabilities to facilitate the coordination of cross-organisational services.